Friday, March 9, 2012

Any free online Japanese dating sims?

It can be 18+ yaoi but no yuri it can be for any age tooAny free online Japanese dating sims?
You mean like a flash game? Not really that I know of, most Japanese dating sims are downloadable. There ARE legal free downloadable japanese dating sim games though.

If you want free flash romance games they're mostly made by English fans, you can find some at newgrounds, or or

Any good Anime dating sims?

Nothing erotic like Polygon Love 2, but more that the Sailor Moon one. Please link me to the downloading site, and they have to be in english and for the PC. I'd prefer that they are just random and not from an anime, but either is fine.Any good Anime dating sims?
If you're looking for free, English, and non-H, you should probably check the lists here:

What is the 'new dating game' in the Sims 2 Nightlife?

I'm going to buy it, so I need to know something more...What is the 'new dating game' in the Sims 2 Nightlife?
It's basically the same as the headmaster coming for dinner or a party as for the time limits, but you have to go by the other persons wants(which they show) in order to get a dream date faster. There is a matchmaking lady and the more money you pay her, the more compatiable you and your date will be. The cars are awesome too. And there is a downtown. Me i just build my own downtown like lot, mostly bars %26amp; nightclubs in my own neighborhood because the downtown loading screen takes forever.

What program or flash or whatever can i download to make a dating sim?

lol obviously i dont know much about flash or dating sims...

i have some restrictions though:

it HAS to be free! and please, no free trial ones (idk why but those always scare me o_o)

it doesnt have to be great, i just want to know if there is one that i could use for that xD

thank you very much!! :DDWhat program or flash or whatever can i download to make a dating sim?
Free: (can be a bit annoying to use) (much simpler)

both of them are quite simple compared to flashWhat program or flash or whatever can i download to make a dating sim?

Dating Sims for Girls?

Most dating sim games are generally for guys. I don't know why because I think some girls like playing games like that. My question is does anyone know where I can play one for a female besides Newgrounds?Dating Sims for Girls?
Sims are awesome. You can buy Sims at GAmestop.
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  • Some Dating Sims Game?

    I was looking through the web and saw that there is barely any good Anime Dating Sim games! I was wondering if anyone knows great Dating Sim games. I prefer ones that involve an Anime like Prince of Tennis, Kuroshitsuji, and D.N.Angel but anything is fine! Also, can it not be R-18?

    Thank you very much!Some Dating Sims Game?
    are you looking for things in english or in japanese? girl pursuing boy, boy pursuing girl, boy pursuing boy, girl pursuing girl, or some mix thereof? free fangames or commercial games? online-only, downloadable, or console? you need to specify a lot more before there acn be good answers. :)

    Okay, if you want free english games that are online (flash) instead of downloadable you want to check out You can find a few there.

    Dating sims games for lesbians?

    Anyone know any??

    I don't mean the game Sims.

    I mean the online games like this

    but for lesbians

    Please and thanks :DDating sims games for lesbians?
    Would such a game be called LesbiSims?Dating sims games for lesbians?
    What's that I hear? Fapping?Dating sims games for lesbians?
    get ready for a load of bs awnsers